Our Vision is our Mission

Our Mission

Developing and promoting a healthy and prosperous downtown within the context of cultural and historic preservation.

Our Vision

To provide downtown Plainfield with the opportunity to effectively stimulate and improve our commercial downtown by leveraging our local partnerships, culture, small businesses, assets, architectural heritage, and community events to support local enterprises and community pride. We want a vibrant and healthy downtown where Plainfield is the center of the arts (visual, culinary & performing) for Hendricks County.

We facilitate our vision and mission by using the Main Street Four Point Approach.  The promotion of our downtown district through special events and defining neighborhoods assets while supporting buy-local experience. The quality of the aesthetic design that is represented by our downtown built environment. The organization of interests, leadership and commitments that move our program forward, and the use of strategic planning to warrant the economic vitality of our historic commercial district as an exciting place to live, shop and invest.